Friday, October 10, 2008

My Auto biography

My Autobiography

I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1995 , and then moved to Smithfield for a year. After that we moved to Youngsville where I had a lot of friends like Lane who lived next door to me. My cousin Mickie also lived right down the road so I was able to go to his house and ride four wheelers . Seven year later my dad had to get a new job and we moved to Jacksonville, Florida.

In Jacksonville, I made a friend who’s name is Taylor. We hung out every day usually playing our favorite video game, Donkey Kong 64. One time we dug a six and a half foot hole in the back yard, just to look for stuff. About five months later we moved back to North Carolina and lived with my grandma until we found a house. The best thing about living there was when I had to read for school, I was able to go climb in this little tree and sit in the top of it.

Now we have this two story house in Youngsville, North Carolina. We have a really nice church home, and the home school band program that I do. There is a football program I do here as well, but what I like here the most is that most of my family lives here.

In November of 2007 I was eleven and my Gram and Pap asked me to go hunting with them in Pennsylvania . In the morning we went hunting at six a clock. When we got to camp, we went to an old bunker and sat there for about two hours. There were no buck. A little bit later I got very cold, so I walked back to camp to warm up. When I was walking back I saw a four point buck on the trail. I trailed it back to the bunker hoping my pap would shoot it, but it ran off. Pap never saw the buck because he had fallen
asleep. He and I just sat there and laughed.

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Treasure

In January of 2004, when I was about eight, I moved to a new house in Youngsville. Then one cold winter day, some people came by and looked at a house across the street which They bought, they had a son my age named David. When they finally moved in I met him. We a lot and started exploring the neighborhood. We went in his backyard and saw a four-wheeler trail. We walked around until we found a pond. We went down the hill and saw another trail and followed it until we found a little river that led to all these beautiful rocks. David said “Hey, maybe, we could start a rock collection.” I thought that was a good idea. Now, four and a half years later, we have tons of beautiful rocks from amethyst to fluorite. My grandma helped us out a when she took me to a science museum where we looked at lots of rocks. When we were done, we went to the gift shop and I found a few charts with some rocks on it that told me where and what they were. After that day we had a total of around one-hundred and fifty rocks. Now we keep them in this little purple container and are still looking for cool rocks.Now we also have an extra little man, my brother Caden. He’s helped us a lot, but the best rock that he got us was an emerald when we went to Pennsylvania with my Gram and Pap and bought a pack of rocks at penn’s cave. I would say our rock collection is a very special treasure because we had lots of people help us.