Friday, October 10, 2008

My Auto biography

My Autobiography

I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1995 , and then moved to Smithfield for a year. After that we moved to Youngsville where I had a lot of friends like Lane who lived next door to me. My cousin Mickie also lived right down the road so I was able to go to his house and ride four wheelers . Seven year later my dad had to get a new job and we moved to Jacksonville, Florida.

In Jacksonville, I made a friend who’s name is Taylor. We hung out every day usually playing our favorite video game, Donkey Kong 64. One time we dug a six and a half foot hole in the back yard, just to look for stuff. About five months later we moved back to North Carolina and lived with my grandma until we found a house. The best thing about living there was when I had to read for school, I was able to go climb in this little tree and sit in the top of it.

Now we have this two story house in Youngsville, North Carolina. We have a really nice church home, and the home school band program that I do. There is a football program I do here as well, but what I like here the most is that most of my family lives here.

In November of 2007 I was eleven and my Gram and Pap asked me to go hunting with them in Pennsylvania . In the morning we went hunting at six a clock. When we got to camp, we went to an old bunker and sat there for about two hours. There were no buck. A little bit later I got very cold, so I walked back to camp to warm up. When I was walking back I saw a four point buck on the trail. I trailed it back to the bunker hoping my pap would shoot it, but it ran off. Pap never saw the buck because he had fallen
asleep. He and I just sat there and laughed.


Shaw6pak said...

Hey there CJ. Cool blog. And I remember the story about about Pap falling asleep while you guys were hunting. Too funny. ~~~Aunt Kristi

PS - Good luck at your game today.

Michelle said...

Hey - You have a blog! Just happened to find it through Cianna's.

I'll be checking back...

~Aunt Shelly

Michelle said...

How come you are not blogging anymore? What's up with that?

Love Ya,
Aunt Shelly